Francisco Cárdenas

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Francisco Cárdenas

Head of Planning and Programming

Head of Planning and Programming


Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Sciences from the University of Barcelona. Major in Biochemistry, 1982.

Diploma in Research for Social Sciences and Statistical Processing of Data, University of Barcelona, 1998.

Diploma in Building Models in Ecology and Management of Natural Resources, University of Barcelona, 2000.

Skills and Experience:

Coordinator of multidisciplinary teams in the workplace.

Planner and executer of projects.

Coordinator for European projects.

Responsible for the management and hiring of staff.

Representative to external entities and facilitator of business relationships, contacts, and new projects.

Technical advisor in the follow-up of reports, negotiations, and publications.

Expert in multidisciplinary work in various fields of sustainability: water, waste, energy, atmosphere, etc.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Experience in simulation models, networks of knowledge and information, and statistical data management.