Berta Cormenzana

Fichas personal

Berta Cormenzana

Ecology and Urbanism Area Manager

Coordinator for Urban and Strategic Planning


Bachelor's degree in Geography. Autónoma University of Barcelona, 2003.

Professional Qualifications:

Master's degree in Geographic Information Technology. Department of Geography. LIGIT. Autónoma University of Barcelona (750 hours), 2004.

Analysis and design of computer applications (methods and applications for the study of the population). Centre of Demographic Studies. UAB (200 hours), 2003.

Postgraduate course in GIS and City Management Systems. Polytechnic Foundation of Catalonia. UPC (80 hours), 2003.

Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude, ICE.UAB, 2002.

Fourth Course of Landscapes of the Pyrenees (Pyrenean Studies summer course XX) Department of Geography. UAB (40 hours), 2002.

Skills and Experience:

Coordinator for the design and analysis of indicators, and factors of urban sustainability projects.

Member of the Working Group of Indicators of Sustainability, the Network of Networks of Local Sustainable Development (la Red de Redes de Desarrollo Local Sostenible), Ministry of the Environment. This group brings together 2,706 Spanish municipalities associated with Agenda 21.

Extensive experience in the analysis of regional and urban models using Geographic Information Systems.

Expert on systems management databases, statistical data and other applications of photography and image treatments.