Revitalization Plan of the Historic Centre of Quito

State building in the historic center of Quito.

This project is the institutional cooperation framework agreement between the municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito - Metropolitan Institute of Heritage and Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona for the development of the system of public space and mobility in the city of Quito.

The historic center of Quito is characterized by an environment with high equity, which gives it a special character. However, it suffers from some areas of specialization that produces a certain desertification of some areas. The project includes the Agency commissioned the preparation of a proposed revitalization of the Historic Centre comtemple that the incorporation of the superblock model as a new unit reorganization urban mobility, public space and governance. All this in order to direct the policies of social cohesion that the city has planned.

The project consists of a general study of the historical center (Appendix 1. Recovery of the Historical Centre) and a design studio superblocks in specific neighborhoods of the Historic Centre (Annex 2. Plan and design of superblocks. Barris San Sebastian Victoria, San Diego, The San Roque and Roll).

Revitalization Plan of the Historic Centre of Quito