Mobility Plan and Public Space in Vitoria

Bicycle Network

Development of a Mobility Plan and of Public Space Plan in Vitoria has been a dramatic change in both the new mobility model and the quality of public space. This triggered other plans and projects that have undeniably contributed to Vitoria-Gasteiz, which has been honored as Green Capital 2012 by the EU.

The Plan's main objective is the successful application of the management of public space based on the superblock model. This model is governed by two principal goal: first, to stop and reverse the trend of current mobility model based on the private car, and the second, to create a new kind of public space that encourages urban livability.

One of the successes achieved by the plan took shape in 2008 when it implemented the bus network, through an intensive process of participation and communication, increasing its use by more than 50%. Another achievement to be noted was the development of a series of plans that derive from it. The most notable projects are the Parking Master Plan, the Bicycle Routes Master Plan together with the Urban Trails Master Plan, and the implementation of 40 superblocks, which projected Vitoria-Gasteiz as a city leader in the transformation towards sustainability.

The Plan's main objective is the successful application of the management of public space based on the superblock model.

Mobility Plan and Public Space in Vitoria





Mercè Taberna

Anabel Rubio

Julià Massó

Gemma Salvador

Jennifer Coronado

Yuji Yoshimura

Albert Punsola

Coordination from the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz:

Jorge Ozcariz

The CEA team

Luis Andrés Orive

Mónica Ibarrondo

Juan Carlos Escudero

Roberto González

Asier Sarasua

Esther Albaina

Iñaki Álvarez


Iñigo Bilbao

 Management team technology and citizen attention

Begoña Orcasitas

Amaia Mujika

Luis Mendizábal

Ana Bazterrika

Laura Garrido

Strategic planning team

Juan Castro


Local police team

Luis Cid

José Antonio Ferreiro

Planning team

Antón Sáez de Santamaría

Iñaki Sagardoy

Aitziber Elorrieta

Alfredo Bengoa

Juan Carrascal

Elsa Larrea

David García

Environment team

Carmen Calles

Eduardo Rojo

Iñaki Arriba

Marisol Monte

Team from the Basque Government

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Team from Diputación Foral de ÁlavaPedro García

Ane Miren Arrieta

GEA21 team

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