Local Municipal Waste Prevention Plan of Utebo 2014-2019

Plan cover

The Utebo Local Government wants to strengthen waste prevention within its jurisdiction, planning future strategies in order to attain a synergy between taking action and setting new prevention objectives.


For this purpose the Prevention Plan has been prepared, laying out the following as general objectives:


  • Send a clear message to the public about prevention and responsible consumption and consolidate prevention efforts within municipal waste management.
  • Incorporate efforts into parts of everyday life that encourage responsible and intangible means of consumption.
  • Increase active and committed involvement and participation across different social sectors with respect to the decisions and efforts relevant to prevention; get support from economic agents to advance in prevention.
  • Promote and revive recycling and preparation opportunities for recycling.


This is the first Prevention Plan of the Autonomous Community of Aragon approved.


Local Municipal Waste Prevention Plan of Utebo 2014-2019




BCNecologia team:

Salvador Rueda (Direction)

Marta Vila

Teresa Rivero

Utebo City Council team:

Rubén Estévez

Ignacio Laseo


Manuel Fernández

Gonzalo Estallo

Concha Gracia

Concha Vera

Juan Luís Felipe

Pilar Mas

Fernando Villaroya

Voluntarias de El Ropero

Utebo Solidario