Evaluation of new urban development in Moscow

Aerial view of Plot 78
The objective of this project is to advise and define proposals in two new urban projects located southwest of the city of Moscow (Leninsky District): Plot 78 and C Territory, which form part of the urban planning operation of the city’s master plan. Both territories cover an area of 450 hectares.
The study covers, in a first part, an analysis of the characteristics of the context: vulnerability of the site, availability of local resources, fitting of the action in the urban context, spaces and habitats to be protected, proximity to basic services, etc. At this point, the set of criteria and indicators used in the evaluation of pre-existing conditions not intended to be a description of the territory, but an analytical tool focused on further planning of it. 
In the second part, there are specified proposals to improve each of the fields that make up the urban ecosystem: public space and liveability, urban morphology, mobility and services, urban metabolism, urban organization, green spaces and biodiversity and social cohesion. The ultimate goal is that both urban operations achieve the maximum score according to the parameters and criteria required by the certificate of ecosystemic urbanism.

Evaluation of new urban development in Moscow