dynamization of progremic portal

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The Progremic Portal is supervised by municipal technicians and other local entities like joint communal associations, consortia or regional councils, agencies of the same administrative bodies.  Also, the platform is built for the professionals of the world of education and city councilmen, as we all for the citizens of Catalonia and the public in general.

The Portal examines the actions developed in the framework of the program.  It is directed towards the managers and technicians in the field of municipal waste, in order to aid them in meeting their goals of preventon and recovery.

The expansion and maintenance of the Portal includes:

  • Updating action tabs
  • Incorporating experience surveys/ forms
  • Updating the tracking data of the PROGREMIC, innovations, and other sections of the Portal.

The dynamization of the Portal includes:

  • Improving the online display: Optimization of TAGS, improving the content of the main pages, folowing the criteria of positioning and the introduction of the Portal link in different websites of interest.
  • Customized dynamization: search for experiences, management of the newsletter on the Portal, review and revitalization of the forum.
  • Evaluation of the incorporation of the Portal in virtual social networks.

In addition, a rennovation of the homepage and a new search module have been implemented in order to facilitate the localization of the actions and experiences from the users.

The Portal analyzes the actions developed in the framework of the program.


BCNecologia Team:

Salvador Rueda (Direction)

Alícia Grima

Marta Vila

Ferran Fàbregas