development of the energy balance for the model of the future bus network

Pending evaluation of different routes of the urban area of ​​Barcelona

The main objective of this project was to assess the consumption and emissions data from the current transportation network in Barcelona. To date, most maps of emissions and consumption are summarized versious of long, expert analyses collected in system simulations. These maps also tend to be static, where if a researcher wants to make any changes, they would have to restart the process again.

The proposed method for determing the energy balance of the new transportation system is to train the bus drivers (unskilled workers) on how to read emission and consumption data. The workers will be trained on the minimum consumption and emission requirements and will be instructed on which variable to act. These non-specialists will be able to create real and hypothetical scenarios for their bus line operations, and will be trained to assess variables affecting mobility and its impacts. The accuracy of the results will not be affected by the system’s data incorporation or its immediate generation of conclusions, as these are made possible using already existing algorithms for emissions and fuel consumption. The end results will be displayed visually to help the bus drivers understand the different scenarios depicted.


development of the energy balance for the model of the future bus network



BCNecologia Team:

Salvador Rueda (Direction)

David Andrés

Jordi Abadal

Moisès Morató