SCACS model outline, original idea of the project

CHESS SETUP stands for “Combined Heat Supply System by using Solar Energy and heaT pUmPs”. It is an evolution of a former Project implemented by the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona: The Storage and DHW System by means of Seasonal Thermal Storage. 


 The Project focuses on the implementation of a system to provide heating and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) from thermal solar energy, heat storage in large reservoirs and heat pumps. The possibility to integrate other heating sources will also be considered (geothermal energy, biomass or heat residual) and other technologies (cogeneration, solar cooling production, hybrid solar panels) into the Project will be studied along the implementation. In addition, a monitoring and control system that would allow energy and economic optimization of the system will be designed. It will rely on electricity prices, users’ habits, renewable energies integration into the mix, or weather forecast among other factors.


The Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona is leading the Project that gathers 10 members from 6 European countries. Those members are the University of Ulster and Electric Corby from the UK, Wandsronk Architecktuur from The Netherlands, Eurogrant GmbH from Germany, Edenway SAS from Francia and Lavola, Wattia-Innova, Veolia, Sant Cugat del Vallès city council and the abovementioned Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, from Spain.


The Project will include 3 pilot experiments. The first one will be carried out in Corby (UK), with the building of 50 residential units equipped with systems of thermal storage in the basement. The pilot will be smaller scale in Manlleu, where it will consist on an ecobuilding also equipped with a smaller thermal storage system. Finally, in Sant Cugat del Vallès, some sports facilities (including a swimming pool) will be upgraded to this technology through the incorporation of a tank with a large heat storage capacity. 






The project will include 3 pilot experiments: In Corby (UK), Manlleu and Sant Cugat del Vallès