BCNecologia developes strategic projects aimed at reorienting cities to a more sustainable model transferable to urban systems from anywhere in the world.

The projects include proposals and solutions for mobility, energy, waste, urban planning, water, biodiversity and social cohesion.

Urban regeneration of Ciudad Jardín, Cordoba
Evaluation of the bike path network of Sevilla under MEIT methodology
Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Barcelona (2013-2018)
PAMQA Vallès Oriental
Preparation of documents for diagnosis of the current state of the various areas of the city that are the subject of Superblocks program
dynamization of progremic portal
Evaluation of new urban development in Moscow
Redefinition of the model of urban mobility in the MAB
Local Municipal Waste Prevention Plan of Utebo 2014-2019
Actions in the area of mobility and public space of Andalusia
Program of promotion of pilot Superblocks in Barcelona