BCNecologia developes strategic projects aimed at reorienting cities to a more sustainable model transferable to urban systems from anywhere in the world.

The projects include proposals and solutions for mobility, energy, waste, urban planning, water, biodiversity and social cohesion.

sustainable urban mobility and public space plan of córdoba
Implementation of a separate and quality collection of organic fraction of urban waste
Implementation of the new urban bus network of Ferrol
scow: selective collection of the organic waste
FORS Selective Collection Campaign. Premià de Mar
Counselling in functional model of UMP (Barcelona Superblocks Program)
Proposal for the Implementation of Superblocks. Neighbourhood of A Magdalena in Ferrol
Ecoquartier ZAC Las Fonses Villeneuve-Tolosane Toulouse
Strategic Plan for Sant Martí District, Barcelona (2015-2025)
Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Barcelona (2013-2018)