Will the superblocks model reduce air pollution?


Will the superblocks model reduce air pollution?

La Vanguardia

The participation of humans in global warming is undeniable. Appealing to a so-called progress, GHG emissions (greenhouse) have soared to unsustainable levels. Climate change is obvious: torrential rains, heat waves or extreme droughts are some of its symptoms.  Cities and nearby highly industrialised areas are the major source of air pollution and there is where to have to start to do something to reverse this alarming situation.


"Against this climate change we must act with determination. Industrialized countries, and cities in particular where is located the majority of the population, have a greater responsibility regarding GHG emissions, both for the time that we have been producing these emissions and for the amount of them.  Therefore, reduction efforts should be proportionate to this responsibility and, of course, to the degree of development", warns the head of the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, Salvador Rueda. 


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