Vilawatt, first year of deployment


Vilawatt, first year of deployment

Viladecans (Barcelona)

On October 12th, 2016 the Urban Innovative Actions announced that Viladecans was one of the eighteen cities that would receive funding to implement new ideas. The city passed a process where 378 proposals had been submitted, and specifically in the field of energy transition, Viladecasn was at the level of Paris and Göteborg. Since then, a project has been launched that will be completed in the autumn of 2019. Throughout this first year, the steps have been taken to achieve the project's objectives: to create an electric company that promotes energy savings from rehabilitation of buildings and the promotion of a local currency that strengthens the economy of the neighborhoods


From November 2016 until now the actions to guide the Vilawatt have focused on the definition and dissemination of the project. Through participatory workshops have been collected proposals that will outline the management of the new electric company and the Citizen Energy Forum, a platform that will allow participants to improve their consumption habits. In the same vein, the Vilawatt game has been present at 'Casals d'Estiu' and city events to show how energy management can be improved in homes. In addition, since the project, two open calls for citizenship have already been opened. On the one hand, it offers new training opportunities in energy rehabilitation for the unemployed and, on the other hand, the one that refers to the rehabilitation of the first buildings of the city. In fact, during the months of September and October, consultations were held every Monday on the basis of the grant of rehabilitation in an information point in the Casal de la Montserratina.


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