Ten years of ups and downs with the bus


Ten years of ups and downs with the bus

A Coruña
La Opinión A Coruña

The last major remodeling of the urban transport lines in Coruña was applied ten years ago, when the local government decided to vary the routes of lines 1, 12, 14, 23 and 23A, to which it added the replacement of 12A by the 15, which shortly after had to back down because of the neighborhood protests. That last year, another important novelty was introduced in the system: the installation of a bus lane between Federico Tapia and San Juan, withdrawn in 2011 by the PP. 


Since then, the municipal policy on public transport has experienced ups and downs as a result of changes in the local government, since the different parties that passed through the Mayor's Office developed conflicting projects. Shortly before they left the municipal executive, the Socialists announced a draft mobility plan that was not approved and that proposed important changes in the service.


The document prepared by the Urban Ecology Agency led by Salvador Rueda proposed creating a "logical network" instead of the current one, which he described as a mere "sum of lines". The goal was to achieve much lower frequencies than the current ones through shorter routes and the promotion of transshipment, as well as through the creation of bus lanes in Juan Flórez, Orillamar, Torre, Panaderas-Orzán and San Andrés.


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