Superblocks' project at the TOP 5 of VCÖ Mobility Prize 2019! Vote on line!

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Superblocks' project at the TOP 5 of VCÖ Mobility Prize 2019! Vote on line!


The project "Superblocks for the design of new cities: the case of Barcelona", submitted by Agencia d'Ecologia Urbana de Barcelona (BCNecologia), ​​nominated as "Top 5" project in the category "International role model projects" at the VCÖ Mobility Prize 2019


The Prize consists of eleven categories and the five best-rated presentations of each category by the jury of experts are nominated and can obtain additional points through public online voting for the project. These additional points are added to the evaluation of the jury and add to the general result.


This year, a total of 388 projects, research projects, concepts and ideas have been presented to the Prize and climate change has been the star theme.


You can vote online the project until next Sunday, July 28th at:


How can you vote?

In each category you can see the projects best qualified by the jury in random order. Simply drag the 3 selected projects into the "Ihr Siegespodest:" field, in the desired order, and click on the "abstimmen" button.


You will be also asked to sum up and fill the field (Sicherheitsfrage *), for the "anti-robots" control.


Apart from the Superblocks project in Barcelona, the other 5 projects selected are:

  • Das BMS der Zukunft: intelligent recharge management system for electric bus fleets.
  • EKE-ÖPNV: intelligent recharge management system for electric bus fleets.
  • GUTi - Gästeservice Umwelt-Ticket: Integrated transport card for tourism in a region of Bavaria.
  • MaaS Global aka Whim: App that integrates the entire mobility offer.
  • PilUDE - Pilot zum Umbau von Dieselbussen: Transformation of diesel buses into electric buses.

The online public voting will end on Sunday, July 28th. The final result will be announced in mid-September.


Project Summary

The Superblock is a new model of mobility that restructures the typical urban road network. The Superblock is emerging as an integral solution to the use of public space, uniting urban planning with mobility, and limiting the presence of private vehicles in order to return the public space to the citizen. The importance of the citizen, or the simple pedestrian, gives meaning to the revolutionary structure of the superblock: each grid section has universal accessibility, there is increased safety due to a 10 km/h speed limit, and there is the potential to increase the habitability and comfort of citizens in public spaces. In order to achieve these goals for mobility, two fundamental changes must be made: modification to the basic road network and the establishment of differentiated routes for each mode of transport.



Maybe the most radical aspect of the proposal is the reconversion of most of the urban space to multiple uses and rights. Radical because it goes to the roots of the meaning of public space. A city exists when, first, there is public space and, second, when there is a determined number of legal entities that are reunited in a limited space, that are complementary and “work” synergistically.


More information: Susanna G. LARIOS. Comunications Head. susannagarcia@bcnecologia.netTel. 93 224 08 60/ 665 234 134