A superblock to pacify the historic centre of Horta


A superblock to pacify the historic centre of Horta

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One of the new superblocks to pacify traffic on what the City Council is working is in Horta. It will be one of the furthest from the city centre and will serve to convert the historic district in an area where pedestrians will have priority. The council includes this way an old demand of the neighbours' association, and announced that the process will be participated, progressive and reversible.


The historic centre of Horta will become a superblock pacified to the traffic in the future. The City Council has begun work on a project that has to solve one of the most latent demands of neighborhood in recent years in the district. The council has announced that it will make a public participation process with local residents and organizations to define how the different spaces that encompass the superblock will be. It also said that the implementation of changes that affect traffic in the area will be gradual and reversible depending on the emerging particularities.


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