The superblock model of A Coruña


The superblock model of A Coruña

A Coruña
La Opinión A Coruña

The mobility plan of 2011 for A Coruña  established Ciudad Vieja and Pescadería as the area in which would be tested the restriction of traffic in the inner streets  that now will apply Barcelona


The neighborhoods of Pescadería and Ciudad Vieja would be the first in trying the mobility model based on superblock that was raised by the local government of A Coruña in 2011. This same system, that now will try Barcelona next month, had to prove in the historic town of A Coruña the possibility of limiting the traffic to the exterior streets of the zone, for which it would take advantage of the fact that most of the existing streets are already for pedestrians. But, in addition, the project included the suppression of the motor traffic in San Andrés, where access would be only granted for public buses and bicycles. 


When in 2011 the local government of PSOE and BNG explained the Sustainable Mobility Plan commissioned to the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, it was assured that the superblocks model that was included in this project was viable for A Coruña, even though the important modification of traffic flows that it meant. 


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