Salvador Rueda. "The misuse of the car ruined the public space of the city"


Salvador Rueda. "The misuse of the car ruined the public space of the city"

Buenos Aires
La Nación

It could be said that Salvador Rueda is an old acquaintance of Buenos Aires. The link between the Spaniard and our metropolitan area began in the late 1990s. Since then, it has advised governments of different parties - on both sides of General Paz - on matters of urban planning, a discipline that has gained considerable relevance in the last decades, in which mobility and the fair use of public space have become real global challenges.


Director of the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, Rueda has training in all areas that are relevant when rethinking cities: in environmental engineering, of course, but also in energy management, in biological sciences and even in psychology.


From the fusion of all this knowledge, Rueda promotes the ecosystemic urbanism, which addresses urban spaces with a more integral vision in order to enhance their resources and, above all, to make the citizen to recover the street. How? Redesigning the current fabric, by grouping several blocks - between 16 and 20 - to turn them into one, a superblock with interior streets where the priority is placed on the pedestrian and not on the private vehicle. The model has already been applied successfully in Barcelona, while in Latin America, Quito is evaluating its application in the historic center. Currently, Rueda is advising the City Government for the proposal of a new Urban Code - which the Legislature should address this year - which includes, among other things, the implementation of superblocks in different areas: Microcentro, Tribunales (the most advanced ), Caballito, Once and Constitución.


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