Salvador Rueda: "Car cannot be longer the king of the city"


Salvador Rueda: "Car cannot be longer the king of the city"


He is the father of the superblocks model. He has been working on it since 1987 and recognizes that when he saw the word superilla (superblock) written on the floor in the neighbourhood of Poblenou (Barcelona) he could not hold back his tears. One year after that milestone he is satisfied with the results and convinced that Barcelona must to move forward towards this for a matter of public health and conquest of the streets by the neighbors.


Was the controversy expected?

Yes, we knew that they were going to be two difficult years, but I'm now happier than ever that the model, at last, is going on. There was also controvery in the neighbourhood of Gràcia 15 years ago and now the neighbor are delighted with the superblocks. Perhaps we have lacked a good communication campaign, but in Poblenou we had a space without life on the street and now it begins to exist. That's great.
Did you choose the best place to start?
Of course! We chose this area of Poblenou because with the introduction of the superblock, the volume of traffic in the streets of the perimeter is not increased, and also because it is place in the process of transformation, the 22@, and in the creation of public space of quality the superblock is key. If we had done the test in the Eixample, perhaps the project would no longer exist, because the orthogonal network of buses, and bike lanes, is still being deployed... Everything is a piece of a puzzle.

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