Salvador Rueda about the superblocks plan: "Number is around 500"


Salvador Rueda about the superblocks plan: "Number is around 500"


Interview of to Salvador Rueda: "the Superblocks reduce air pollution, noise and traffic accidents".


Salvador Rueda is a biologist and psychologist and graduate in Environmental Engineering and Energy Management. He manages the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona since its foundation in the year 2000. He can be considered the driver and the theorist of the superblocks.


Xavier Duran: How do you evaluate the pilot plan of the superblock in Poblenou?


Salvador Rueda: The balance is positive because it meets the objectives that were agreed with the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Barcelona (SUMP).  In the interior of the superblock, cars have been replaced with travel on foot and by bicycle, noise and air pollution have been reduced in the same proportion that the number of cars circulating has reduced, and there are no accidents.


On the periphery of the superblock the increase of traffic is between 2 and 3%, which is the increase of general circulation of Barcelona in recent months. The traffic has not increased because of the superblock. Now, after a participatory process,  they will be implemented the urban development measures that will define the future uses of public space.


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