Rueda: "I would change the bus system from one day to the next, because the new one works in a network"


Rueda: "I would change the bus system from one day to the next, because the new one works in a network"

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He is in charge of the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona and, now, is with the last leftovers of the mobility plan of the Concello of A Coruña, which will be presented, according to the local government, in the spring. Salvador Rueda defends that a well-done program needs its time of study and testing but that it must be implemented from one day to the next because it is like a machinery that, in order to function correctly, needs all the pieces. The plan includes the return of the bus lane, more transfers and also shorter journeys so that the frequency of the buses is greater.


_ Is the mobility plan and bus restructuring in its final phase?

_ We have a proposal that meets all the expectations we had set for ourselves, with indicators that are very good and that allow us to reformulate the public transport network to provide a greater, more equitable service for everyone, with greater coverage, both spatially and of population, with all the parameters that I think that must be implemented in order to modify a network ... And I've done a few.


_ The deadlines advanced by the councilor of Mobilidade Sostible, Daniel Díaz Grandio, said that the plan would be presented in the spring, that would open a period of consultations and that would begin to be implemented in 2019.

_ Participation processes are effective when a proposal is put on the table prepared by specialists because they are not simple and need a lot of time. It has to be understood as a draft, a starting point. In these processes of participation, it is fundamental not to question the internal logic of the model, which serve to modify small things because if the internal logic moves, the one that proposes the changes has to put on the table a draft that goes beyond.


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