The revolution of apples [blocks]


The revolution of apples [blocks]

El País - Seres Urbanos

Barcelona has been the center of international attention for its proposal of urban transformation in the Eixample neighborhood due to the creation of "superblocks". Joining nine blocks of the ones that Ildefons Cerdà proposed in the Plan of 1859 (very different from those that were finally carried out), will reduce automobile traffic in the streets and squares inside the perimeter of the superblock, limiting it to the perimeter, in order to solve the serious pollution problems, the lack of green space and the reduced space for people because of the large presence of automobiles. The project creates four squares in each superblock, transforming the intersections within the perimeter into designated zones primarily for people. It is a proposal that - if carried out completely - would profoundly change the city. 


The core of the issue is the following: are we facing a change that confirms the elements that constitute the neoliberal city limiting itself to correct them with the introduction of (necessary and very useful) certain measures in order to reduce atmospheric and acoustic pollution and create pedestrian zones or either is an opportunity to radically criticize through urbanism the neoliberal economy, its productive structure, its greed, its ethical ignorance, its inequality, and its environmental devastation?


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