"Organic matter is the backbone of waste management"


"Organic matter is the backbone of waste management"

BCNecologia | Barcelona
Gemma Nohales explains us the outcomes of the SCOW project and the importance of doing a good collection and processing of organic matter.
SCOW(Selective Collection of the Organic Waste in Tourist Areas and Valorisation in Small-scale Composting Plants) is a European project that is aimed at the promotion of new models for the collection and recycling of organic matter. The project has been coordinated by Marta Vila and Gemma Nohales from the Waste  and Cycle of the Materials  Area of the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona and a total of 6 countries have participated.

After almost three years, the  SCOW project has come to an end. What has been the work carried out at this time? And what are the results to highlight of this project?

The SCOW project, that has been funding by  ENPI CBC MED European Program, the project has served to set up models of management of bio-waste  with quality, low cost and simple technology starting from the implementation of efficient collection systems - such as Door to Door - and decentralised composting plants of small scale in tourist territories where there are also agricultural activity.. These models have been implemented in countries and territories participating in the project: Catalonia (Pallars Sobirà) Israel, Palestine, Malta, France (Corsica) and Italy (Liguria).


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