El Correo

The Sustainable Mobility and Public Space Plan of Vitoria-Gasteiz has brought about a spectacular change in urban mobility and in the quality of public space. A plan that is serving as a model in other parts of the State and that undoubtedly contributed to our city being worthy of the title of European Green Capital 2012. And it is not surprising, given the magnificent results obtained.


In fact, today we can proudly say that two thirds of our daily urban movements are carried out actively, that is, on foot or by bicycle. And believe me we are the admiration of many European cities when they hear us say it. Let's continue, therefore, promoting this model of mobility so respectful with our environment and, especially, with our health.


For its part, public transport has experienced an unparalleled increase in use, reaching more than 15 million people traveling in Tuvisa in 2017. More than 23 million if we also consider the tram. Historical record.


It is clear that it is time to continue acting to configure a modern, high-capacity and electric public transport. Electric mobility, free of emissions, is the key to urban mobility, the fight against climate change and the necessary energy transition in the cities of the 21st century. Therefore, the electrification of our public transport by extending the tram and the smart electric bus (BEI) becomes strategic.


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