New waste management web portal launched by the Spanish Ministry of the Environment in conjunction with BCNecologia

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New waste management web portal launched by the Spanish Ministry of the Environment in conjunction with BCNecologia


The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment, or the Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente (MAGRAMA), has introduced a new section to their website dedicated to good practices and waste management in Spain. This web portal was made possible through a collaboration agreement between MAGRAMA and BCNecologia, and has been seamlessly integrated into the MAGRAMA website. It includes documents, regulations, statistics and industry experience concerning waste management, and is emerging as a valuable educational tool for students, professionals, and environmentalists alike.

This web portal addresses the need for accessible information in the dynamic area of waste management and prevention. The goal is to encourage sustainable practices through education and case studies, as this sector has undergone remarkable changes over the past few decades. There are new regulations, collection systems, technologies and occasions where businesses and municipalities have adopted waste management and prevention practices today. From now on, the MAGRAMA web portal will be an essential tool to research, collect information, and to find strategies to reduce consumption.

The structure of this web portal is designed as a knowledge network that provides organized and valuable information. “Waste prevention and management” is broken down into seven different sections:

-    Waste Flows (Information regarding types of waste, environmental effects, and their management).

-    Rules and regulations (regional, national and for all of Europe).

-    Domestics Waste.

-    Documentation (data, case studies and publications on waste).

-    Transportation of Hazardous waste.

-    Sustainable Projects and Actions from MAGRAMA.

-    Training and awareness (awareness campaigns, seminars and conferences developed or promoted by the Ministry).

-    Useful Links to websites of autonomous communities in Spain as well as organizations dedicated to waste management.

This website is easily accessible, provides high usability, and is navigable with a search engine embedded to ensure the best user experience.

The new web portal of MAGRAMA, Waste Management and Prevention is already functional on the MAGRAMA website in the Spanish language:

Waste Flows

Regulations and planning

Best practices (includes a search engine)




Transportation of hazardous waste