New plan for safe, healthy and ecological mobility


New plan for safe, healthy and ecological mobility

20 Minutos

Moving around the city with agility, comfort, in a safe and healthy way, is one more right of the many that citizens have. Despite this, in the cities of the world, enjoying this right is sometimes difficult. Bearing in mind that the administration has a duty to guarantee it, many are the actions that are carried out to achieve it. Specifically, in Barcelona, the current mobility model is gradually changing to make it possible for this right to be effective.


Currently, in the city of Barcelona, most of the trips are made by public transport or by foot, specifically 39% by public transport and 32% by foot. Cars and vans account for 19.6% of the trips, and 6.5% for motorbikes and mopeds. The rest are distributed between the bicycle, with 2.1% and other modes of transport.


Despite this absolute dominance of public transport and journeys on foot, cars and motorcycles occupy 60% of public space and represent 89% of the vehicles involved in traffic accidents. To change this scenario, the Mobility Pact has already begun to work on the Urban Mobility Plan 2019-2024, which aims to continue evolving the main lines of work defined in the Urban Mobility Plan 2013-2018, which is the currently in force. The fundamental principles of this plan were based on moving towards a more secure, sustainable, equitable and efficient mobility that allows citizenship to function and make the city a healthy and pleasant place to live, and not just to travel, where the priority is people.


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