A new bus network, pending challenge in A Coruña


A new bus network, pending challenge in A Coruña

A Coruña
La Opinión A Coruña

The agenda of the local government sets for next year the entry into force of the new map of urban bus lines in A Coruña, one of the major pending issues in the management of the city and with more demands accumulated by neighbors for decades . The network of the urban bus from Coruña has not known an integral redesign for 30 years, except for some partial changes. It is obsolete and requires a global review to adapt to the needs of a changing city.


The councilor of Mobilidade Sostible, Daniel Díaz Grandío, intends to present this spring a first design with the modifications planned in the bus routes, so that users of the public transport in A Coruña can then present their contributions to configure the final project, which should be ready at the end of the year, for its entry into operation in 2019.


The basic ideas that will mark the new itineraries of urban transport are focused on planning shorter routes, with the objective that buses pass more frequently and that there are direct lines connecting the neighborhoods with hospital complexes and the industrial estates of the city's periphery in which an important part of people from Coruña work.


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