Networking session on electric mobility organized by Ele.C.Tra project

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Networking session on electric mobility organized by Ele.C.Tra project


Last July 18th 2014, the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, partner of European project Ele.C.Tra (Electric City Transport), organized in its offices a networking activity with European project MOLECULES, the e-scooter sharing company MOTIT, and the Urban Habitat Department of the Barcelona City Council. The session focused on the promotion of electric vehicles, the development of more sustainable alternative shared transport systems, and the key role of ICT tools in improving urban mobility and sustainability.


During the work session, part of MOLECULES project team, which is currently in the process of collecting and analyzing results, introduced the MOLECULES Mobility Platform, an online tool where user can connect, use and enjoy the mobility services of each pilot city of the project: Barcelona, Berlin and Paris Grand. It allows user to plan a trip, check their CO2 footprint and book an electric vehicle from the very same platform.


The networking activity was also attended by representatives of the company MOTIT (included in the MOLECULES Mobility Platform, and currently collaborating with Ele.C.Tra project too), an innovative e-motorbike sharing service which started operating in the Catalan capital almost a year ago. Following the presentation, participants had the opportunity to try the e-scooters and experienced firsthand the features and advantages of this innovative service, completely flexible, which allows user to reserve an electric motorbike via web or smartphone, pick it up anywhere in the street and return it to any destination, renting the scooter by time or a distance. The vehicle is 100% electric and it has a navigator that will guide user to his destination.

Ele.C.Tra (Electric City Transport)

European project Ele.C.Tra (Electric City Transport), which started in July 2013 and will finish in December 2015, aims to promote the use of electric scooters in urban areas, involving citizens and tourists in daily use of ecological transport systems, in order to modernize urban vehicles fleet too. All this will be done through the development and promotion of scooter short sharing systems. Ele.C.Tra project involves 11 partners representing 8 countries in the European Union (Italy, Romania, Spain, Malta, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia and Portugal) and includes a pilot experimentation in three cities (Genova, Firenze and Barcelona) where the use of scooters is very common.


Last Friday's work session is part of the networking and dissemination activities included in Ele.C.Tra project communication plan in order to share experiences and establish synergies with similar projects, to identify issues to be addressed in the planning process of the pilot project actions and optimize the effectiveness of the solutions and satisfaction of the users in relation to the mentioned actions.