"Linking the new neighborhoods with the express bus sweeps away the rest of the alternatives”


"Linking the new neighborhoods with the express bus sweeps away the rest of the alternatives”

Noticias de Álava

One day after the presentation of the Arabatran study, commissioned by Mcrit and the Urban Ecology Agency of Salvador Rueda, for the group of EH Bildu in the City Council of Vitoria is clear that the option to connect the east and west of the city through the Intelligent Electric Bus (BEI) is an "absolutely irrefutable" option, as it is qualified by the municipal spokesperson of this political formation, Miren Larrion. "The difference between the number of people that will serve, the cost that it has, the flexibility, the maintenance and the start-up is so radical that it sweeps away the rest of the alternatives because it is very difficult to be against this proposal", remarks Larrion. For this reason, she demands "with urgency" an informative study that defines the connection between Salburua and Zabalgana through what the coalition calls Azkar Bus. And that extends to Jundiz, as a final stop. Hence, she announced that she will take a motion to the Plenary to request this informative study on the BEI.


Not in vain, for EH Bildu Gasteiz, Salvador Rueda's document supports in all aspects analyzed that proposal because it is "much cheaper", with a cost of 16 million for the entire line, "so it costs three times less" that the 105 million euros it would cost to put a tram on the same place. In addition, its annual maintenance cost "is much lower, half": of 1.6 million euros, compared to 3 of the light metro. It is also an alternative that can be done "immediately." In fact, according to Larrion, if the works of the EIB were tendered in 2019, the Azkar Bus in 2021 could already be underway, nothing compared, for example, with the term in which the tram would be completed in this same place, scheduled for 2026.


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