Land-Sea: ecoturism in Catalan coast


Land-Sea: ecoturism in Catalan coast

Generalitat de Catalunya

The Land-Sea project is part of the European Interreg program, which helps European regional and local governments develop policies that generate a sustainable impact on people and territories, through the creation of spaces in which to share experiences.


With a duration of five years and a fund of more than one million Euros, the main objective of the program is to address management policies in coastal areas, in what refers mainly to the preservation of coastal ecosystems and their socioeconomic development  in sustainability key, connecting with ecotourism strategies.


The participating regions are Catalonia, Varna (Bulgaria), Hamburg (Germany) and Molise (Italy). In the case of Catalonia, the partners participating in the project are the Generalitat of Catalonia, through the General Directorate of Tourism, and the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona. Their efforts within the framework of the project will focus on the preservation, protection, promotion and development of the natural and cultural heritage, especially those natural areas with tourist interest.


Full article (in Catalan): Departament d'Empresa i Coneixement