The laboratory for the superblocks


The laboratory for the superblocks

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A new urban unit, a new space where cars give way in importance to pedestrians and cyclists, a new configuration where motors are less important than legs... This is what defines the 'superblocks' of urban buildings in Barcelona. The city's deputy mayor for Ecology, Urbanism and Mobility, Janet Sanz, explains that this project is a way to transform traffic and customs in the city and its neighbourhoods. But every journey has a first step, and this has been taken in the Poblenou neighbourhood, the setting for the experimental laboratory. 


"The 'superblock' measures approximately 400 metres by 400 metres, and inside it are several blocks of buildings,” explains Salvador Rueda, director of Barcelona’s Agency of Urban Ecology. “It is bordered by what are called the basic avenues, through which vehicles pass by, but transit within the ‘superblocks’ is limited to those vehicles that started their trips there or whose final destination is there.”

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