How Barcelona is reducing daily car journeys


How Barcelona is reducing daily car journeys

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Nick Mitchell spoke to Mercedes Vidal Lago, Councillor for Mobility in Barcelona, about the city's plans to reduce car journeys and encourage increased walking and cycling.


How much of a problem is air pollution in Barcelona in relation to motorised-vehicles?

Today Barcelona clearly exceeds the thresholds recommended by the World Health Organization both for nitrogen dioxide and particles, especially in terms of average levels of these pollutants in the atmosphere.


Air pollution not only causes more than 650 premature deaths annually in Barcelona, but also represents the deterioration in the quality of life for many people, an increase in cardio respiratory illnesses, and especially affects the elderly, people with respiratory problems and children may suffer from delayed cognitive development.


So fighting pollution is a priority for the Government, and we are willing to take bold steps. In November 2016 we presented the government measure "Program of measures against air pollution", 58 specific actions to be developed during the period 2016-2010. Many of the measures are linked to our Urban Mobility Plan. 


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