First appointment with the bus map


First appointment with the bus map

A Coruña
La Opinión A Coruña

The local government plans to change the bus map next year but, before, has scheduled some meetings so that different sectors of the public know what their bases will be and to expose their needs and try to introduce them in the new plan. The president of the neighborhood federation, Luisa Varela, warns that people have to start looking at public transport in another way, stop thinking it is "a la carte service" to avoid confrontations with neighbors. Unions, merchants, universities and industrial estates have participated in the first meeting.


A first meeting to get to know each other, to lay the foundations of what will be the participatory process to which the mobility plan will be submitted. The president of the federation of neighborhood associations of the city, Luisa Varela, indicates that the restructuring of the lines is an old demand of its users, although it warns that the new concept "can be complicated for many people". That is because the coordinator of the plan, Salvador Rueda, explains that all routes will be reordered, that the routes will be shorter and that the city will be fully connected and that, for this, the transfers and the return of the bus lane will be necessary for some streets.


Among the entities participating in this first meeting was the manager of the business association of the polygon A Grela, Teresa Firvida, who put on the table the need for buses to reach their workplace. "We need to reorder the current lines so that they adapt to the real needs of the industrial estates, to the schedules of the workers", explains Firvida, who welcomes the proposal "with enthusiasm" and with "desire to work" so that, finally, its old claim of having better connections with the city and with the rest of polygons and of finding in public transport a reliable alternative to go to Grela is fulfilled.


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