"Ferrol has not really considered what it wants to become"


"Ferrol has not really considered what it wants to become"


He was responsible for the plan of mobility of Ferrol in 2009 and also for the new network of buses in 2013. Xavier Pont Baldellou, technical coordinator of mobility projects at the Urban Ecology Agency  of Barcelona, actively collaborated also in the plan of superblocks of A Magdalena. And yesterday he advocated in the first sessions of the conferences of promotion of pedestrian mobility - that will continue today at 5 p.m in Afundación - for compensating the balance between car and pedestrian.

_ How serious is the problem of mobility in Ferrol?

-Ferrol has a great potential. The problem, apart from the punctual retentions, is more about how vehicle invades the public space. The plan has the aim of trying to balance a bit more the space that the pedestrians and the private vehicles have.

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