Directions to visit a superblock


Directions to visit a superblock

El Periódico

When you feel assaulted by sensations like "much ado about nothing", "this is a desert", "this is an absurd idea ", "this is very crappy," or "this is a pittance", think that the Superblocks are a transformation as necessary as dangerous 

1. When you feel assaulted by the feeling "much ado about nothing", think that the strategy of the superblocks could become the more radically democratic urban transformation that has lived Barcelona since the creation of the Eixample. The exceptional density of the Catalan capital facilitates mobility on foot or by bicycle and allows to provide it with an efficient public transportation, but at the same time, it makes it much more vulnerable than other cities to the impacts of the private vehicle. Barcelona has 6.000 cars by square kilometer - Madrid, 3.000; Paris, 1.500; London, 1.200 -, which privatize more than 60% of the public space while they are only used in the 20% of journeys, cause atmospheric pollution levels far higher than the limits set by the EU and generate every year more than 3.500 premature deaths. To make Barcelona a fairer city requires to reconquest the public space invaded by the car and deliver it to pedestrians, cyclists and users of public transport of surface. 


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