The Council will collect proposals on new bus lines in 18 meetings


The Council will collect proposals on new bus lines in 18 meetings

A Coruña
La Opinión A Coruña

The process of implementing a new public transport network will have a participation phase of citizenship that will be developed through 18 open meetings that will take place in the months of May and June. In these meetings, the Council will inform about the new configuration of the lines and their objectives, while a debate on this matter will be opened. 


Ten of the meetings will be held in each of the districts of the municipality, while there will be another directed specifically to youth and seven more dedicated to points in the city that have special problems, such as Universitario Hospital, Materno Infantil and Abente yLago, the O Ventorrillo specialty center, the A Grela and Pocomaco industrial estates, the Marineda City shopping area and the university campus.


The Concello already tendered separately the communication and organization services on these activities, with a maximum budget of 34,500 euros for the first of them and 25,000 for the second. As detailed in the specifications, the proposal for new bus lines arises from the results of a survey of 4,500 people and what is intended with the information and debate campaign is that citizens "can make the contributions and proposals that consider opportune ". 


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