The challenge of metropolitan transport in A Coruña


The challenge of metropolitan transport in A Coruña

A Coruña
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The regional transport integration in the center of the city of A Coruña will begin its first phase tomorrow with the arrival of twelve intercity bus lines at the entrance of Entrejardines, as agreed by the City Council and the Xunta. The measure will also test its impact on urban traffic in A Coruña. 



To Entrejardines will start to arrive bus lines from Oleiros, Cambre, Sada and Culleredo that access the city through the avenues of A Pasaxe and Alfonso Molina and also those that cover the line to the airport of Alvedro. This will mean the entry of 218 daily buses, with a rate of between eleven and thirteen vehicles per hour and an estimated influx of 1.5 million passengers per year.


This first phase of the project does not yet include the lines with the end point of the route in the Plaza de Pontevedra, a destination in the heart of the city that will be incorporated later for those coming from Arteixo. The Council offered last month to the Xunta the possibility of starting the implementation there, but they rejected it because not all the buses had the precise technical means. Among the coaches that will arrive at Entrejardines, some already do it nowadays once a day, early in the morning.


The Monitoring Committee of the plan will meet again on November 20 to analyze how the process has gone in its first days of implementation and study solutions to the problems that may arise. Based on their conclusions and the available traffic data, administrations will determine how to proceed in the second phase. 




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