Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

BCNecologia treats urban ecology as a systemic phenomenon, and uses various areas of information technology to encourage the sustainability of cities. This approach allows BCNecologia to offer solutions to cities in redirecting them towards a more sustainable future.


This area integrates the study of waste management, and develops strategies to both reduce the consumption of resources and to achieve maximum efficiency. BCNecologia develops indicators, simulatons and methodologies to measure the degree of waste management from the sustainability model, and finally recommends more sustainable scenarios for the future.



BCNecologia works to maximize energy efficiency, to encourage local production of renewable energy and to improve energy management at the municipal level. To this end, BCNecologia has created simulatons, methodologies and systems of production in response to the accumulation of energy.



BCNecologia offers a comprehensive solution for the management of water through its development of sustainable urban systems that combine comfort with self-sufficiency in water and wastewater reuse.



BCNecología works with mathematical simulatons implemented in a GIS environment to study the affects of noise and air pollution on people. The Agency then works to mitigate the situation, though efforts are often limited by legislation.



BCNecologia has developed detailed indicators for calculating biodiversity. Using these indicators, it is possible to implement policies and actions aimed at consolidating an effective green network that is integrated in a city or municipality.



To achieve a more livable city, the objective is to re-think the mobility model. BCNecologia develops innovative concepts and new transportation networks that allow for the possibility of a pedestrian city, and to reduce the problems generated by private vehicles (occupation of land, accidents, pollution, noise, congestion, etc.).



BCNecología acknowledges the importance of social cohesion in all areas of urban planning including analysis, public space and private aeras. The Agency seeks to ensure that each citizen's basic needs are met and that each person is offered equal opportunities.



BCNecologia works to improve habitable spaces: asthetics, comfort, ergonomics, relationship with mobility, etc. The implementation of sustainability indicators developed by BCNEcología has allowed for an in-depth diagnosis of urban quality today. The Agency formulates proposals for new additions to the proposed sustainable model.



The system of indicators and constraints is used objectively as an instrument to enable the user to assess the sustainability of both new and existing urban developments.

This purpose of this system, developed by BCNecologia, is to improve, measure and certify measures of sustainability.



Any improvement to urban sustainability must be supported by the law as well as ecological decisions related to technology or the political sphere. BCNecologia has developed new governance and legal forms to support urban solutions with sustainability criteria. The new legal frameworks introduced by the Agency are often original and innovative.



In this new era of information and knowledge, BCNecologia continuously incorporates new information technologies which enable citizen participation in the design of urban processes. These aspects are integrated into each project, optimizing the flow of communication among sustainable, complex and hyper-connected environments.

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